Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh to have a pony!!!

The annual Chingoteague Pony swim is coming up. This year it is on Wednesday, July 29th. I remember when I was younger reading Misty of Chincoteague - and forever wishing I too had a pony. My parents took me to the pony round-up one year......and what I can remember most was not the hot sun and bugs....but watching those heads bob up and down as the ponies swam toward the island. The foals would struggle to keep up with their mothers. I would love to take my daughter to see this event that has been going on since 1925 - but I think she might enjoy it more if we went in the off season and toured the island .....so we can see these creatures at their best.

I think it would be awesome to be a wild pony....free to run the beach!!!

photo credit: laura travels, tviolette

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