Monday, August 17, 2009

Where did my lil girl go?

Today .... my baby stepped out of the car and began her 7th grade year. So many feelings for me....not sure what is going on in Bailey's mind other than "uuuuggghhh....6:30 is WAY to early!!! Where did my summer go?" I should be a "pro" at sending of my child to school ... I have been doing this since she was 4 ~ but I still want to grab her and not let go.

Rewind to were age 4 and getting ready to go off to K4 at Faith Lutheran. Cute bob, new uniform and a HUGE smile ~ you didn't even look back as I dropped you off in front of the school. That was one of the hardest days to go through.....watching my baby take her next step to growing up. Now it is 2009 .... and it still is hard to see you step out of the car and go off to your first day of SEVENTH grade!!! You now have contacts, a cute new haircut, a great new outfit and you are now OVER 5 feet tall!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH.....where did my little girl go????? I am so not ready for these TWEEN years. Not ready to see you "blossom"!!! Can I totally lock you in the closet until you are 30????

I hope today is GREAT for Bailey! I am still trying to figure out what to do with myself since I have lost my playmate. As it will take Bailey a few weeks to get back into the swing of school....I will have to get back into my life .... my house may actually get cleaned now!!!!

Happy First Day of School my sweet.....YOU ROCK!!!

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