Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Woe as me....

You wanna shriek...yell...collapse. Drama....it sneaks into every corner of your life. We try and run from it, some embrace it, me ~ I abhor it!!!!! welll...at least when I am overwhelmed with it.

For some reason ~ this week has started off with TONS of drama...causing the "oh woe as me" feeling!!! {letters from my lawyer, car issues, money issues and upcoming procedures} Emotions running the gamut from estactic...to wanting to crumble up into a ball.

Tomorrow is another day....the sun will rise {may be hidden by those stinkin clouds} to shine down on my face to remind me that I am "ALIVE" for another day!!!! so BLESSED!!!

pic from: Sally Weiner

Monday, March 30, 2009

Your Tummy will LOVE these!!!!

looking for a healthy yummy snack that the kids will LOVE.......

Peanut Butter Balls:
1 cup honey
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup non-fat dry milk
1 cup wheat germ

Mix all ingrediants in a bowl.
Make T-spoon size balls {place on wax paper}
Refridgerate {helps set them ~ if not...can become very soft}

Take it up a notch...roll them in chocolate and let set...SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sun Kissed by the Rain and Wind.....

“May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow. May the soft winds freshen your spirit. May the sunshine brighten your heart. May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you, and may God enfold you in the mantle of His love.” ~ Irish Blessing

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Am I pissing you Off~fafa"

Just learned that Jeff Dunham is coming back to Raleigh. Spark of Insanity!!! If you like a good laugh....you HAVE to go see him!!! Peanut is my favorite, but Walter is easy to relate to. Achmed - just makes you laugh...the undead terroist.

Good TIMES!!!!

Date Night

Last night I was able to go on a date with my hubby.....now this is special because we are always busy doing something for our daughter {they always say that swimming may get in the way of your child participating in other activities.....not the case....it gets in the way of OUR activities} So, when a chance arises, we grab it and run!!! Off to Kanki we went. Not only is it a great place to eat, but you can meet new friends since you are seated at a large table.

When we get to our table, there is already a family there. {mom, dad, and 17 year old} We soon learn they are from Bermuda. Did you know that Bermuda is the 3rd riches country???? So that is where all the money is!!! Then another couple is seated next to Keith and then a mother and son join us. We make introductions and I know that this will be a good dinner.

Over the course of dinner, we learn that in Bermuda, a teen can earn $25 just for babysitting!!! Now...if that is the case, I KNOW I could make a killing with an accounting degree!!! Each family is only allowed ONE car, that at 16 you are given a BIKE!!! Love it!!!! Each house has a 35,000 gallon well under the house to catch RAIN water.....they do not have a water system!!! soooo If ya don't get rain for a while...ya better cut those showers SHORT!!! And then there is the fact that the drinking age is 18....but then again, the island is only 21 miles long, so how much trouble can they get in because it will make it home before they do!!!

This family is here for 3 years {they came because of the special schooling needed for their son- who was not at dinner} So, in 3 years, WE are picking up and moving to Bermuda. Keith will work for this guy and we can live on the beach!!!! MY dream come true!!!

No, it probably wont happen...but just listening to them, it seemed that life would be so much simpler. You can get anywhere in under 15 minutes, your child is surrounded by friends, and life just seems calmer. We left dinner after exchanging names and numbers...promising to take their daughter horseback riding. I love forging new friendships....there is so much to learn out there.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Bring Ziggy Back!!!!

OMG....you never see Ziggy any more!!! Saw this and thought it was appropriate to today's economy. Bring back the Zig~miester!!!!

Not Ready.....

Remember how toddlers hug and we thought it was cute??? WOW....I am soooo NOT ready for the next stage in my daughter's life. I just dropped my daughter off at a friend's home for a sleepover that leads to a boy/girl party tomorrow evening!

My daughter is 11 1/2......this will be her second boy/girl party. As we get closer to age 12 {August} and the ever present "puberty" ~ I begin to FREAK!!!!! I am not ready for any of it...I know that it is coming and there is not a SLOW down button {why can't we control everything with a remote?} ............

soooo I have to breath slowly, trust I have done my best and let my daughter blossom and grow. I try and look back when I was going through this phase.......and remember that my momma never was really there. That is my promise to my daughter ~ I will be there no matter what to guide her and answer any questions. But it does not make that gut feeling any less......excited to hear about her first kiss....but soooo NOT ready at the same time!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This morning we were surrounded by a shroud of fog. Todays forcast: cloudy, rainy, with a high of around 60. Now, the 60 degrees is ok, but I have had my fill of blah weather! Rain today, and rain tomorrow......uuugghhhh.
To get through these days, I am dreaming of laying in a hammick, surrounded by the clear ocean with a soft breeze. This picture says it all...can't you just picture yourself laying there?
Dreams - what make the world go around :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Need a wedding photgrapher? A maternity, newborn, school, or even that boudoir photo? Tina can help you with all your photo needs. Check out her site and give her a call. You wont regret it one bit!!!!!

Click on her picture and it will take you to Loebach Studios

Unexpected Kindess and Generosity

Life is wonderful and a true blessing. I woke this morning and I am continuing on my journey....Day 2 of the Love Dare. Not only am I applying this to my relationship with my hubby....but to all relationships in my life....my daughter, in-laws...friends.

Hope all have a Happy Hump Day!!!! My gift to ya'll today is a quote that I found. Thank you for being a part of my life...and helping me grow.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.-- Marcel Proust

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How long will it last????

Today I have been truly BLESSED!!!! My baby ~ well...11 year old ~ has finally recovered from all ailments and had a GREAT weekend. She is a happy, chipper thing and I was able to spend time just hanging out with her at the mall. Mother/Daughter time...I treasure these moments...and grab them when I can because I know a time will come when she will be fighting for her independence. But for now....she is still cool about hanging with her momma.


OMG - this is too cute!!!! Great Tote ~ gotta wanna HAVE one!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Takin the Dare....

Not sure how many of you have seen the movie "Fireproof"....but I watched it last night with the family, and boo hooed like a big baby! This movie is awesome and EVERYONE who is married or not....or in a relationship.....should watch it.
Today ~ while shopping with my mother in law, I found the book "The Love Dare"....the journal that Gabe uses in the movie. I want to begin the 40 day journey!!! I have a wonderful, kind and loving husband...and only want to strengthen our commitment and bond.
I challenge all to take the "Dare"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take your mark....BEEP

This weekend marked the final meet for the short course season. With the beginning of May comes the long course season. Bailey rocked this weekend having a total time drop overall of 33 seconds. TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Her biggest coup was the mile. She dropped a total of 20 seconds to achieve her Sectional cut...and we also learned that it is the BB time for a 13-14 year old. Bailey is FLYING HIGH!!!!

We are SOOOO PROUD of our Fish!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Happy first day of SPRING!!! Windows up, a gentle breeze, sun shining and birds singing. . . . oh what a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here is your SIGN

I have been driving a rental car for the past 3 weeks while my car gets repaired. I love driving rentals because you can test out different models. Well....this Dodge has the Sirrus radio. I am now spoiled!!! Unlimited 80's, 90's, Dance, or Comedy. Can you say HEAVEN!!! Bailey has a new found love for the 80's now. Keith had me listening to the 60's last Sunday on the way to church.

On my way to work today I was on the Comedy station. I was lucky enough to catch Bill Engvall...one of my all time favorite comedians. It was from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie 2003......I was rolling on the floor.

Bill: She's online with her friends, and little boys are starting to call the house. Oh, my God, we had a kid call the house at two in the morning. Oh, I lost it. 'Cause first of all, I'm off in La-la land with Shania Twain in the mountains somewhere. I hear a phone ring and I'm like "Who's got a phone in the mountains??" So when I realize it's my phone, I'm already a little miffed, so I go, "Hello!" And this little voice says "Uh . . . is Emily there?" And I go, "Dude, if you have a brain in your skull, you will hang this phone up right now!" Click. Then my wife turns to me and goes, "Bill, you've got to be nice." And I go, "No, ma'am. "Nice" stops at midnight!"

Then of course he proceeds into his "Were's your sign" skits....I am laughing so hard by now that I am getting looks from other drivers while at the stop light.

On the phone with his wife when the plane he was on stopped after hitting a deer.

Engvall's wife: Oh my God! Were you on the ground?
Engvall: Nope, Santa was making one last run. Here's your sign

Truck driver gets his truck stuck under an overpass, with Engvall watching.

Cop: You get your truck stuck?
Engvall: God bless that trucker, without missing a beat, he goes: "Nope, I was deliverin' that overpass and I ran outta gas." Here's your sign.

Engvall pulls his car into a gas station after his tire goes flat.

Attendant: Tire go flat?
Engvall: Nope, I was drivin' along and the other three just swelled right up!
Attendant: Well, the heat'll do that.
Engvall: Here's your sign.

Hope everyone is having a HAPPY day! Laughter is a wonderful medicine and makes the world a better place.


It is 4:30 in the morning and I am sitting here wondering if I should not have canceled that Dr's appt. I am feeling FULL!!! like my tummy will POP!!!!! Attach a string to me and I might just float off. Where is the Gas X!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Every time I see a sunflower, it makes me think of the sun up in the blue sky. As some of you know...clouds have enveloped us for the past couple of days. Today....the blue is painted all over and the sun is shining it's face down on us. Buds are popping out and animals are lazily lounging in a puddle of rays. Spring is in the air ~ let us celebrate!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snuggly Soft and Safe

When we are little, there usually is something that gives us comfort. . . . a stuffed animal, a blankie, a "binkie" or a thumb. Our parents would tuck us into bed and make sure our "special" thing was snuggled with us ~ to protect us from the bumps in the night. It would get dragged by it's ear around the house, have part of our lunch and share part of our sippy cup. A binkie could be found in each corner of the house and drawer. A blankie became the best fort.

I had 2 "special" comforts. I had a binkie for awhile, but that was not a necessity. My momma told me that I could only have it in bed....after having to climb in and out...that got old. My second special comfort was my baby blanket. It was given to me at birth... a silky stiched blankie. I slept with it every night...and cried if I didnt have it. When I was around 5, I named my blankie George, and even drew a face on one corner. Momma even had to let me use her slip {same type of feel} when I left it at Tweetsy Railroad...but they mailed it back!

I was attached to that blankie!!! It attended summer camp, traveled to London not once, but twice, Scotland, and 28 countries in Europe. When it was time to go off to boarding school at 14, my momma asked if I was going to take it...HECK YEAH!!! And guess what...I was NOT the only one to show up with a "security" blankie!!! And I was NOT the only one to take a "blankie" to college. Momma thought I was crazy, and it was fraying at the edges, but George and I were inseperable.

Living in my own apartment with my doggie Zoe, I needes George more than ever. But Zoe had other plans. Zoe felt the urge to chew on George and tear my blankie apart. So, my blankie went from sleeping in my arms, to stuffed in my pillow case {had to keep it near}

George remained in my pillow case long after my daughter was born - Very hard to let it go. But a couple of years ago, I made the leap and placed George into my undie drawer. SHOCKER I know.

I would love to know what your "security" was and how long did you have it {or do you still have it}. Everyone needs something that gives them comfort.....I will never complain about my daughter and her "green baby" She has had it since birth ~ she has FOUR of them. {3 are so warn they do not have a face .... number 4 is new looking and she refuses to use it to keep it safe} Who knows how long she will sleep with it.... hope her future husband does not mind sharing his bed :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

You are my Sunshine

Ok...it has been raining for about 4 days now on and off. I am sprouting web feet ~ and beginning to understand the geese outside my door. I have even thought about building an ark....anyone up for the challenge? I just hope that with all this rain ~ that they do not come back and tell us in a month that we are in a drought.....the is no FREAKIN way we could be!!!! I have a swimming pool where my car is supposed to go.

If ya see the sun....please send it our way her in North Cackalacy....really would like to see it's rays again.

Happy Birthday

Today is my mother~in~law's birthday. My own mother went home to the Lord 5 months ago so I treasure all the time I have with my MIL. She offers so much love, advice and support.

I love you NANNY!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


LIVE - “The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” {Flora Whittemore} We are given one life ...... Face each new day as it was your last and treasure what you have.

LAUGH - [L]aughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life. {Hugh Sidey} Laughter is the best medicine. You should not be able to laugh at a situation....but be able to laugh at yourself.

DREAM - "Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning" {Gloria Steinem} Never close your heart to any possibilities. Never loose belief in your dreams....if you do not have any dreams....what are you living for?

HOPE - "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them." {Louisa May Alcott} Cary HOPE everywhere you go....never give in to fear for the answer is out there....always keep reaching.

LOVE - "Love is not something we find, love is something we DO." {Unknown} First, we must learn to LOVE ourselves....if we are not happy with ourselves, then how can we love others. Jesus even tells us to "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

FAITH - "Without faith a man can do nothing; with it all things are possible." {Sir William Osler } You must carry FAITH with you always. No matter how high you must climb or low you must dive, the LORD will be there with you every step of the way....just have FAITH that you are not alone.

Sitting here on this cloudy, rainy, cold day has allowed me a chance to sit quietly and really think. The last year that I spent with my momma was a real learning experience. She taught me what was important.....FAITH....LIFE.....LOVE yourself and reach for your DREAMS!!!! That there is always HOPE that things can change!!!! I do not take anything for granted any more. My family is my life as are my firends. I treasure each and every person that is in my life. {unfortunately I may not be able to have a relationship with all...it takes two for that} I thank the Lord for everything that is in my LIFE....because we may not be here to enjoy it tomorrow....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Give me 20 minutes.....

Cleaning your house while your children are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.
- Phyllis Diller

I have come to the conclusion that I think cleaning is over-rated!!! I want to back a u-haul up to the door and shove it ALL out the door....begin with a clean slate. Paper breeds like rabbits in my house.....and I have a tween who swears the WHOLE house is her closet.....

One day.....I know it will become organized.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

London Bound......

They are like rock stars, you can find them in the center of attention. They make kids oggle, and adults turn heads.....everyone wants to be able to say that they have met an OLYMPIAN. Last weekend New Wave Swim Team {the team Bailey swims for} hosted the Speedo Series Sectional Meet and was lucky enough to have Cullen Jones, Mark Gangloff and Amanda Weir participate. {Kaitlin Sandeno and Maritza Correia spoke}

Last August, Bailey sat glued to the TV late in the evening, often having to tape parts of the olympics. Like many of her teammates, she was trying to catch a glimpse of the swimmers that made it to Bejing. Now, a handful of those that landed in Bejing, were gracing the same pool deck that she uses. She was able to see first hand the grace and power these swimmers posses.

Bailey was asked by her coach to be a basket helper. These are the kids that gather up the swimmers clothes behind the starting blocks and keep them dry and safe. An honor in itself, she was right in the middle of all the action. You would have thought you were at a rock concert the way everyone crowded around the 8 lane pool. You honestly could not squeeze another body in there when Cullen took the block for his 50yd Free {which he swam in 19.19 seconds ~ Bailey at age 11 is at 30 seconds} When the starter pressed the buzzer to signal the start.....there was a HUGE "Whooooosh" as all the swimmers exploded off the blocks. It seemed to be over before it began because they move so stealthily through the water. Cullen made it look like he was out for a Sunday stroll.

Of course Cullen, Mark and Amanda took first in the events the swam. Even getting their WCT {world trial cuts - precurser to going to olympic trials} To see them on the medal podiums was magical and even more so when Mark Gangloff would give away his medal each and everytime to one lucky young swimmer on deck. They would look at him in awe and surprise as he handed over his 1st place medal......a true treasure.

After all the pictures are taken, and shirts signed, these Olympians are just like you and me.....but to the young swimmers of tomorrow ~ they are Heros! I am thankful that Bailey had a chance to participate and meet them. By doing so, it only drives her harder to improve and meet her goals ~ to attend to the 2012 Olympics.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trees....Sea.....and Sand.....

"Overlooking the sea, contemplating the waves as they kiss the shores ever so gently"
Author: Nicolas Guillen

The economy is going to hell in a hand basket, people are losing their homes, cars and jobs, my 401K has become non exsistent and it is raining and cold outside. Sooooo I have made a decision........I have always wanted to live on the beach, so I am going to run away to the beach! Where the only worry is which suit to wear, and if I have enough sun block on!!!

I am going to find me a small shack nestled between the palm trees {gotta be able to hang my hammock} so that I can just lay by the sea and enjoy the breeze. AAaaaahhhh the life! Then reality hits and I wake up.....but I bet I can get a pretty good deal on a shack now adays...with all the forclosures :) Maybe I should just look. Who knows what I may find.......

But...For now I can dream and envision myself somewhere warm.....while I am surrounded by cold, rain and sick people!! CALGON take me AWAY!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

100 Random Ramblings about MOI

Found the idea on another blog....thought it would be FUN!!!

~I have the bestest hubby in the world...we have been together for 16 1/2 years ~ love HIM
~having a child was scary and wonderful at the same time....love my daughter
~I love pasta....with bacon bits and cheese
~I am addicted to Coke Zero
~I want to live on the beach one day
~I love to take pictures...hope to have a nice camera one day
~I love all my friends
~I have the most wonderful in-laws every
~I have pectus escavatum {sunkin chest}
~I can shoot a gun
~I went to boarding school
~I want to get a designer dog
~I miss my momma VERY much
~I hope that my father will accept me for ME one day
~I hope that my father does not pass on knowing his granddaughter
~I hope to own a Toyota Twin Turbo Supra one day
~I am working toward redoing my home.....it is a slooooow process
~I am a Capricorn
~I have a belly ring
~I want to get a tat
~I am lazy
~I want a flat stomach ... either by exercise or surgery
~I want to work for the SBI
~I love crime investigation
~I am a Claude Monet fan {have the water lillies print}
~I love dancing {even on a bar}
~I met my husband at a country bar
~I love watching musicals....lovin some Mamma Mia
~I saw the orginal Star Wars {1977} 12 times in the theatre {I was only 6}
~I took dance for 14 years
~I want to snow ski out west
~I want to take my family to Scotland
~I want to see a play in NYC - one a day for a week
~I want to drop everything and travel the world
~I want to go to each Nascar race for a year
~I think Reba is a terffic woman
~I love raw cookie dough
~I love to make handbags
~I love to make my own cards at Christmas
~I want to find the Llardro nativity set {it has been discontinued}
~I hope my daughter can make it to the olympics ~ swimming
~I want to be able to swim a mile {close to my daughters time}
~I want to master one song on World Tour guitar hero ~ on the drums
~I grew up swimming, dancing, playing soccer and softball
~I can talk to anyone
~I am crazy
~I have a hard time saying "NO"
~I refuse to wear panty hose
~I LOVE my 4" peak - a - boo platform shoes
~I was New England All Star Catcher my senior year in HS
~I love to play soccer
~I find watching sports is hard to do...I would rather play
~I love jumping on the trampline with my daughter
~I love to find MEGA sales on clothes
~I go shopping on my birthday every year {my gift from my momma}
~I wish my birthday was not so close to a holdiday
~I think Ho Ho Kus is a great town to live in
~I want to take classes in criminal justice
~I would love to be a PI
~I love swimming in the ocean
~I thing Boca Grande is the prettiest place on earth
~I love to cuddle with my cat Socks
~I love the color periwinkle
~I would like to visit every state in the US
~I want to visit the Dali Lama
~I think writing a book would be fun
~I would like to grow my hair out
~I lived in NJ and CT
~I want to buy 2 wave runners
~I want my daughter to learn to water ski
~I am not ready for my daughter to reach puberty
~I have been in every state on the east coast
~I want my friends in Vegas to move near us
~I like organization {but find it hard to accomplish}
~I hate to clean
~I think Dark Chocolate is the next best thing to sliced bread
~I can not turn down ice cream
~I have to have atleast 4 pillows in my bed
~I hope our Sunoco store becomes the BEST store around
~I want to make it to my 50th wedding anniversary
~I love to read
~I worry about others too much
~I am concerned that people will not like me
~I am a LOUD person
~I am very proud of my husband
~I would love to learn how to paint
~I would like to finish my daughter's scrapbook
~I would like to learn to fly a plane
~I have never been in a helicopter
~I think hearing a child laugh is the warmest feeling
~I have sung to my daughter every night before bed
~I love BBQ grits with salmon
~I treasure my beach trip with the family every year
~I love watching my daughter swim
~I am not fond of people who are ignorant and immature

Friday, March 6, 2009


“Every happening, great or small, is a parable by which God speaks to us. The art of life is to get the message.” - The Ultimate Gift

photo credits: RTP photography

You will be missed.......

Matthew Blake Salyer
2 Corinthians 1:3-4 “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last Sunday, while skiing, a young 14 year old lost his father to a heart attack right on the ski slope. Six hours from home, father gone, how can a young man NOT feel crushed, anger, frustration. Was he able to tell his father everything he felt? Did the son know how much his father really cared for him?
October 7,2008, my mother went home to the Lord after a LONG battle with lung cancer. I spent the last 6 months of her life right by her side. We talked about the past, and the future. I learned more about my momma in those last few months than I had learned in 37 years.
No matter which way someone goes, quickly or after a long period of ailing, the hurt is not less, the anger is still there, and all the WHAT IF's are not answered. From my mother's first diagnosis, I had over a year and a half to prepare myself for the end. Knowing this only made me want to spend more time with her, but at the same time, my heart was torn at the thought of her not being here for Bailey's graduation, Bailey's wedding and what else life might through our way. If my mother had gone quickly, what would I have felt? Would the loss have been harder to deal with? I am very thankful for the time I did have becuase I made sure that my momma knew that I loved her, and I also asked as many questions as I could.
God has given us but one life, and we are here to make the best of it. My momma taught me so much in her final months. I now know that my family is the most important thing in life and will protect them with all my heart. You can not control others actions and views, and no matter how much they differ, everyone is entitled to their own opinion....and you should not put them down for it. Accept me for who I am....I am kind, conciderate, caring, loving and hard working. I have not murdered anyone, robbed a bank, or commited adultry.....I have a college degree, a loving hubby, blessed with a beautiful daughter..... and yet, some people think I am a failure and that I am wasting my life. My mother....she realized my strengths and saw how strong I really am...If I had not had that time with my momma, she would never really had known the TRUE me!!!!!
I thank the LORD for every day that I have here on earth and that I am surrounded by those who love me. Show those around you the love and appreciation that you would want in return...because....you never know if we will go quickly or after a long period. Make the most of everything that you are given.