Monday, August 17, 2009

Can you kick the Addiction?

I sent my baby off to middle school today {7th grade} and yes it is a Christian school, I know that she will not be shielded from all that scary stuff out there. What we did for fun back in the day is NO WHERE near what children do now. I am watching The Doctors this morning and they are dealing with teens and drugs and alcohol. It is becoming CRAZY out there and many teens are going to end up DEAD!!!!

I have dealt with many alcoholics in my life, my grandfather, my uncle, my father, my brother-in-law and friends. I have also seen what drugs can do to a person first hand..... What is hardest is that most of my family is in denial of their alcohol problems. The fact that someone has to have a glass {or 2} every day ....that is an do not have to become "drunk" to be classified as an alcoholic.

What else is heartbreaking is when your family does not support those that are trying to help themselves. Once someone has admitted to having a problem and even makes the effort to get treatment, they have to make the biggest change by re-organizing their life. They have to find new friends and do things that help them to support themselves to stay "clean".... even if that means going to a meeting EVERYDAY!!! I have heard of someone who ended up back in treatment AFTER 22 YEARS clean!!! Addiction is a disease ..... and tempatations are always out there....but your family should be the BIGGEST supporters and REMOVE ALL temptations. . . . that means NO alcohol in the house!!!

I guess this show has hit me pretty strongly. I never have tried any drugs except alcohol thankfully, but I know that now a days, kids are trying more and more things. I often wonder where they come up with some of these ideas {who would have thought of putting vodka over dry ice and inhaling it????} I know my daughter is getting closer to her teen years and closer to becoming MORE independent and full of secrets. I just hope she can look back at her family and see what can happen when alcohol and drugs become the most important thing in your life. I think this is one of the greatest fears of a parent, along with your child becoming sexually active {thankfully we are not anywehere near that one!!!!} I can only talk with Bailey and be honest and open and PRAY everyday!!!

Even though my grandfather is no longer with us, my uncle and father are and I hope that one day they wake up and see what is happening to themselves before it is too late. I am very proud of my brother - in- law and I am proud to say that he is doing very well!!! We are supporting him in every way possible and he is CLEAN!!!! with your children and be open as much as possilbe.

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Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear that your BIL is doing well with his addiction issues. What a wonderful SIL he has to give so much support.