Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Fling

After weeks of rain, and several threats of snow, and one actual snow storm, I believe that spring is around the corner. We may be done with frigid mornings, being spent sprinting to the car in your pj's to crank your car so it can warm up so the ride to school is WARM!!! and do NOT forget to turn the seat warmer on for your daughter!!!

Today - the sun is shining spirits are high. Tomorrow, the weather people are teasing me saying it is going to get to SIXTY!!!! Ya know what that means?????? The trees will begin to bud and within a week or so....LEAVES will come out!!!!!!!!
I get the "winter blues" I am so ready for the warm weather and SUNSHINE!
So please join me in doing the "Spring Fling" ...shake your tail feathers and welcome in Miss Spring.

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