Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ready . . . Set. . . Go!!!

Today is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The sun is shining and it is a balmy 63ish. A perfect day to go door to door and raise money.

Ya'll know that our Bailey swims for a year round swim team...New Wave Swim Team. Every year they have a "swim-a-thon" ~ which wording we can not we have a "Laps for Cash" and 5% of the money raised will be going to the Duke Children's Cancer Center.

This year, Bailey and several of her swim friends decided it would be fun to do it as a "GROUP". So last week, the parents put our heads together and figured since this was the only weekend that our children DID NOT SWIM {but there was a meet this weekend....just not for our swimmers} and the weather was GORGEOUS!!!

The plan was to have a about 5 of them all together go out in a neighborhood.....only 3 were actually able to make it. N, H and our B were really excited and had been practicing their opening lines all night. I have to say I am proud for them to want to actually do is kind of intimidating.

After 3 hour and tons of walking and knocking...the 3 trooped back to the house.....with $380. They had so much fun and it was also a great learning takes guts to get shot down not once, not twice....but several times and keep on going. They found their rythym and worked as a team.

I am so proud that these kids were enthusiastic to help out and raise money for a good cause. They truly have become a family and back each other no matter what.

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