Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TIME Flies...wish I could

WOW - it has been FOREVER since my last blog!!! Sorry....I know that you all were sitting on the edge of your seats waiting!!! So much has seemed to pack itself into the last 2 weeks. Where to begin....giving the short version:

1. Second CAT scan came back inconclusive about the "growth" on my liver. They "THINK" it is nothing....but can not SAY for sure. soooooo.....what to do??? HELLO!!!! BIOPSY - DUH

2. 3 days later - laid out on the CAT scan table having a biopsy of the liver.....thinking that "I am too young for this" {said the same thing about the colonoscopy!!!} {June 8th}

3. TEST results - hemangioma - YEAH!!!!!! {still not happy to have it though}

4. My momma's estate lawyer gives me good news that I may actually get some of my momma's items from my father - seems we struck a deal - YEAH!!!!! {this was about JUNE 10th}

5. Leave for the BEACH!!!! - this is a GREAT thing!!!!

6. JUNE 17th - get email from the lawyer that my father basically is NOT going to cooperate and refuses to share ANYTHING!!! and even wants me to hand over anything that was my momma's {ie. the furniture} - TOTALLY NOT what he and the lawyer talked about....and to boot - he has taken me out of his will and will take his grand-daughter out too if I dont "get my shit together" {this is coming from a man who has spoken to his grand-daughter about 4 times since OCTOBER 2008} So basically I have NO access to any pictures or anything that may be related to my mother. He is trying to cut me out totally.

7. Based on all the "fun" stuff going on with my father {and I use the term loosely} you can assume that I DID NOT contact him for Father's Day {I didn't last year either - when my momma was alive}

SO...you can see there have been ups and downs. The Beach vacation was much needed and a welcome adventure. We go every year and meet up with friends ...... so relaxing!!! I will update with pics hopefully by tomorrow. Getting back into the swing of things is SLOW!!! Please bear with me.....

picture credit: ang brinker

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