Saturday, March 28, 2009

Date Night

Last night I was able to go on a date with my this is special because we are always busy doing something for our daughter {they always say that swimming may get in the way of your child participating in other activities.....not the gets in the way of OUR activities} So, when a chance arises, we grab it and run!!! Off to Kanki we went. Not only is it a great place to eat, but you can meet new friends since you are seated at a large table.

When we get to our table, there is already a family there. {mom, dad, and 17 year old} We soon learn they are from Bermuda. Did you know that Bermuda is the 3rd riches country???? So that is where all the money is!!! Then another couple is seated next to Keith and then a mother and son join us. We make introductions and I know that this will be a good dinner.

Over the course of dinner, we learn that in Bermuda, a teen can earn $25 just for babysitting!!! Now...if that is the case, I KNOW I could make a killing with an accounting degree!!! Each family is only allowed ONE car, that at 16 you are given a BIKE!!! Love it!!!! Each house has a 35,000 gallon well under the house to catch RAIN water.....they do not have a water system!!! soooo If ya don't get rain for a while...ya better cut those showers SHORT!!! And then there is the fact that the drinking age is 18....but then again, the island is only 21 miles long, so how much trouble can they get in because it will make it home before they do!!!

This family is here for 3 years {they came because of the special schooling needed for their son- who was not at dinner} So, in 3 years, WE are picking up and moving to Bermuda. Keith will work for this guy and we can live on the beach!!!! MY dream come true!!!

No, it probably wont happen...but just listening to them, it seemed that life would be so much simpler. You can get anywhere in under 15 minutes, your child is surrounded by friends, and life just seems calmer. We left dinner after exchanging names and numbers...promising to take their daughter horseback riding. I love forging new friendships....there is so much to learn out there.


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