Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last Sunday, while skiing, a young 14 year old lost his father to a heart attack right on the ski slope. Six hours from home, father gone, how can a young man NOT feel crushed, anger, frustration. Was he able to tell his father everything he felt? Did the son know how much his father really cared for him?
October 7,2008, my mother went home to the Lord after a LONG battle with lung cancer. I spent the last 6 months of her life right by her side. We talked about the past, and the future. I learned more about my momma in those last few months than I had learned in 37 years.
No matter which way someone goes, quickly or after a long period of ailing, the hurt is not less, the anger is still there, and all the WHAT IF's are not answered. From my mother's first diagnosis, I had over a year and a half to prepare myself for the end. Knowing this only made me want to spend more time with her, but at the same time, my heart was torn at the thought of her not being here for Bailey's graduation, Bailey's wedding and what else life might through our way. If my mother had gone quickly, what would I have felt? Would the loss have been harder to deal with? I am very thankful for the time I did have becuase I made sure that my momma knew that I loved her, and I also asked as many questions as I could.
God has given us but one life, and we are here to make the best of it. My momma taught me so much in her final months. I now know that my family is the most important thing in life and will protect them with all my heart. You can not control others actions and views, and no matter how much they differ, everyone is entitled to their own opinion....and you should not put them down for it. Accept me for who I am....I am kind, conciderate, caring, loving and hard working. I have not murdered anyone, robbed a bank, or commited adultry.....I have a college degree, a loving hubby, blessed with a beautiful daughter..... and yet, some people think I am a failure and that I am wasting my life. My mother....she realized my strengths and saw how strong I really am...If I had not had that time with my momma, she would never really had known the TRUE me!!!!!
I thank the LORD for every day that I have here on earth and that I am surrounded by those who love me. Show those around you the love and appreciation that you would want in never know if we will go quickly or after a long period. Make the most of everything that you are given.

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Welcome to the blogosphere, and thanks for putting me on your blog roll :) I am honored. And I am sorry to hear about your Mom :(