Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snuggly Soft and Safe

When we are little, there usually is something that gives us comfort. . . . a stuffed animal, a blankie, a "binkie" or a thumb. Our parents would tuck us into bed and make sure our "special" thing was snuggled with us ~ to protect us from the bumps in the night. It would get dragged by it's ear around the house, have part of our lunch and share part of our sippy cup. A binkie could be found in each corner of the house and drawer. A blankie became the best fort.

I had 2 "special" comforts. I had a binkie for awhile, but that was not a necessity. My momma told me that I could only have it in bed....after having to climb in and out...that got old. My second special comfort was my baby blanket. It was given to me at birth... a silky stiched blankie. I slept with it every night...and cried if I didnt have it. When I was around 5, I named my blankie George, and even drew a face on one corner. Momma even had to let me use her slip {same type of feel} when I left it at Tweetsy Railroad...but they mailed it back!

I was attached to that blankie!!! It attended summer camp, traveled to London not once, but twice, Scotland, and 28 countries in Europe. When it was time to go off to boarding school at 14, my momma asked if I was going to take it...HECK YEAH!!! And guess what...I was NOT the only one to show up with a "security" blankie!!! And I was NOT the only one to take a "blankie" to college. Momma thought I was crazy, and it was fraying at the edges, but George and I were inseperable.

Living in my own apartment with my doggie Zoe, I needes George more than ever. But Zoe had other plans. Zoe felt the urge to chew on George and tear my blankie apart. So, my blankie went from sleeping in my arms, to stuffed in my pillow case {had to keep it near}

George remained in my pillow case long after my daughter was born - Very hard to let it go. But a couple of years ago, I made the leap and placed George into my undie drawer. SHOCKER I know.

I would love to know what your "security" was and how long did you have it {or do you still have it}. Everyone needs something that gives them comfort.....I will never complain about my daughter and her "green baby" She has had it since birth ~ she has FOUR of them. {3 are so warn they do not have a face .... number 4 is new looking and she refuses to use it to keep it safe} Who knows how long she will sleep with it.... hope her future husband does not mind sharing his bed :)

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