Tuesday, March 10, 2009

London Bound......

They are like rock stars, you can find them in the center of attention. They make kids oggle, and adults turn heads.....everyone wants to be able to say that they have met an OLYMPIAN. Last weekend New Wave Swim Team {the team Bailey swims for} hosted the Speedo Series Sectional Meet and was lucky enough to have Cullen Jones, Mark Gangloff and Amanda Weir participate. {Kaitlin Sandeno and Maritza Correia spoke}

Last August, Bailey sat glued to the TV late in the evening, often having to tape parts of the olympics. Like many of her teammates, she was trying to catch a glimpse of the swimmers that made it to Bejing. Now, a handful of those that landed in Bejing, were gracing the same pool deck that she uses. She was able to see first hand the grace and power these swimmers posses.

Bailey was asked by her coach to be a basket helper. These are the kids that gather up the swimmers clothes behind the starting blocks and keep them dry and safe. An honor in itself, she was right in the middle of all the action. You would have thought you were at a rock concert the way everyone crowded around the 8 lane pool. You honestly could not squeeze another body in there when Cullen took the block for his 50yd Free {which he swam in 19.19 seconds ~ Bailey at age 11 is at 30 seconds} When the starter pressed the buzzer to signal the start.....there was a HUGE "Whooooosh" as all the swimmers exploded off the blocks. It seemed to be over before it began because they move so stealthily through the water. Cullen made it look like he was out for a Sunday stroll.

Of course Cullen, Mark and Amanda took first in the events the swam. Even getting their WCT {world trial cuts - precurser to going to olympic trials} To see them on the medal podiums was magical and even more so when Mark Gangloff would give away his medal each and everytime to one lucky young swimmer on deck. They would look at him in awe and surprise as he handed over his 1st place medal......a true treasure.

After all the pictures are taken, and shirts signed, these Olympians are just like you and me.....but to the young swimmers of tomorrow ~ they are Heros! I am thankful that Bailey had a chance to participate and meet them. By doing so, it only drives her harder to improve and meet her goals ~ to attend to the 2012 Olympics.

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