Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trees....Sea.....and Sand.....

"Overlooking the sea, contemplating the waves as they kiss the shores ever so gently"
Author: Nicolas Guillen

The economy is going to hell in a hand basket, people are losing their homes, cars and jobs, my 401K has become non exsistent and it is raining and cold outside. Sooooo I have made a decision........I have always wanted to live on the beach, so I am going to run away to the beach! Where the only worry is which suit to wear, and if I have enough sun block on!!!

I am going to find me a small shack nestled between the palm trees {gotta be able to hang my hammock} so that I can just lay by the sea and enjoy the breeze. AAaaaahhhh the life! Then reality hits and I wake up.....but I bet I can get a pretty good deal on a shack now adays...with all the forclosures :) Maybe I should just look. Who knows what I may find.......

But...For now I can dream and envision myself somewhere warm.....while I am surrounded by cold, rain and sick people!! CALGON take me AWAY!!!!

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