Saturday, March 7, 2009

100 Random Ramblings about MOI

Found the idea on another blog....thought it would be FUN!!!

~I have the bestest hubby in the world...we have been together for 16 1/2 years ~ love HIM
~having a child was scary and wonderful at the same my daughter
~I love pasta....with bacon bits and cheese
~I am addicted to Coke Zero
~I want to live on the beach one day
~I love to take pictures...hope to have a nice camera one day
~I love all my friends
~I have the most wonderful in-laws every
~I have pectus escavatum {sunkin chest}
~I can shoot a gun
~I went to boarding school
~I want to get a designer dog
~I miss my momma VERY much
~I hope that my father will accept me for ME one day
~I hope that my father does not pass on knowing his granddaughter
~I hope to own a Toyota Twin Turbo Supra one day
~I am working toward redoing my is a slooooow process
~I am a Capricorn
~I have a belly ring
~I want to get a tat
~I am lazy
~I want a flat stomach ... either by exercise or surgery
~I want to work for the SBI
~I love crime investigation
~I am a Claude Monet fan {have the water lillies print}
~I love dancing {even on a bar}
~I met my husband at a country bar
~I love watching musicals....lovin some Mamma Mia
~I saw the orginal Star Wars {1977} 12 times in the theatre {I was only 6}
~I took dance for 14 years
~I want to snow ski out west
~I want to take my family to Scotland
~I want to see a play in NYC - one a day for a week
~I want to drop everything and travel the world
~I want to go to each Nascar race for a year
~I think Reba is a terffic woman
~I love raw cookie dough
~I love to make handbags
~I love to make my own cards at Christmas
~I want to find the Llardro nativity set {it has been discontinued}
~I hope my daughter can make it to the olympics ~ swimming
~I want to be able to swim a mile {close to my daughters time}
~I want to master one song on World Tour guitar hero ~ on the drums
~I grew up swimming, dancing, playing soccer and softball
~I can talk to anyone
~I am crazy
~I have a hard time saying "NO"
~I refuse to wear panty hose
~I LOVE my 4" peak - a - boo platform shoes
~I was New England All Star Catcher my senior year in HS
~I love to play soccer
~I find watching sports is hard to do...I would rather play
~I love jumping on the trampline with my daughter
~I love to find MEGA sales on clothes
~I go shopping on my birthday every year {my gift from my momma}
~I wish my birthday was not so close to a holdiday
~I think Ho Ho Kus is a great town to live in
~I want to take classes in criminal justice
~I would love to be a PI
~I love swimming in the ocean
~I thing Boca Grande is the prettiest place on earth
~I love to cuddle with my cat Socks
~I love the color periwinkle
~I would like to visit every state in the US
~I want to visit the Dali Lama
~I think writing a book would be fun
~I would like to grow my hair out
~I lived in NJ and CT
~I want to buy 2 wave runners
~I want my daughter to learn to water ski
~I am not ready for my daughter to reach puberty
~I have been in every state on the east coast
~I want my friends in Vegas to move near us
~I like organization {but find it hard to accomplish}
~I hate to clean
~I think Dark Chocolate is the next best thing to sliced bread
~I can not turn down ice cream
~I have to have atleast 4 pillows in my bed
~I hope our Sunoco store becomes the BEST store around
~I want to make it to my 50th wedding anniversary
~I love to read
~I worry about others too much
~I am concerned that people will not like me
~I am a LOUD person
~I am very proud of my husband
~I would love to learn how to paint
~I would like to finish my daughter's scrapbook
~I would like to learn to fly a plane
~I have never been in a helicopter
~I think hearing a child laugh is the warmest feeling
~I have sung to my daughter every night before bed
~I love BBQ grits with salmon
~I treasure my beach trip with the family every year
~I love watching my daughter swim
~I am not fond of people who are ignorant and immature

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Nichole said...

I didn't know you wanted to get a tattoo... any ideas?