Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Ready.....

Remember how toddlers hug and we thought it was cute??? WOW....I am soooo NOT ready for the next stage in my daughter's life. I just dropped my daughter off at a friend's home for a sleepover that leads to a boy/girl party tomorrow evening!

My daughter is 11 1/2......this will be her second boy/girl party. As we get closer to age 12 {August} and the ever present "puberty" ~ I begin to FREAK!!!!! I am not ready for any of it...I know that it is coming and there is not a SLOW down button {why can't we control everything with a remote?} ............

soooo I have to breath slowly, trust I have done my best and let my daughter blossom and grow. I try and look back when I was going through this phase.......and remember that my momma never was really there. That is my promise to my daughter ~ I will be there no matter what to guide her and answer any questions. But it does not make that gut feeling any less......excited to hear about her first kiss....but soooo NOT ready at the same time!!!!

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N!chole said...

guh, me either! But I have a lot longer until i have to think about it!

P.S. do you think if i buy the material, you would make Lillian a diaper bag like you did for noah?

oh and you should post the purses and bags you make up here, you will get a lot of people to see them, i would pass it along for sure!