Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anyone for a Drink?

Can anyone please explain why fast food restaurants have the need to fill my home with all these plastic toys???!!! Yes ~ some are cute....but MOST have NO use what so EVER and end up in my bathtub, or all over my car.

Remember the good ole days??? A new movie or show would come out and the fast food chains would create GLASS SETS!!! I remember telling my mom that I HAD to eat a hamburger EVERY day because I HAD to get ALL the McDonald's Star Wars glasses...or head over to Hardees and get the SMURFS!!!

They ARE can USE them on and on and on!!! {unlike those cute lil toys you get now} I would LOVE to head to McDonald's and see Charlie Brown staring back at me.

Or the Muppets!!! These are all classic movies and shows.

So I am off to DIG through my cabinets and attic or rummage through the flea market and see if I can salvage just ONE glass.... THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

{photo credits: powerbooktrance, jasonliebig

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