Saturday, May 2, 2009

Refined Flour

Ok...I have been having....uumm...let's just say gastro problems and I am having a breath test done {testing for lactose, fructose and laculose allergies} Well....the day before I am to perform the test, I have a restrictive diet that is VERY restrictive. I am allowed to eat REFINED Flour, COOKED veggies, MEAT, EGGS and down ALL the water I can swim in!

Now - I have been searching on the world wide web of google....and have come to find that REFINED flour is NOT the healthiest. So off I go to my cabinet in search of something to eat for breakfast.

I first grab the sourdough bread I bought yesterday {makes the best toast!!!} and flip to the label....NOPE - it is made with UNBLEACHED flour {darn those health nuts}

Off to the regular white bread....NOPE - same thing.

OK...let us try the saltine crackers.....MAYBE - it has ENRICHED flour....getting a lil closer.

I can eat CORN FLAKES - but guess what...I DO NOT HAVE ANY!!!

Sooooo - I reach for the grits and guess what - I CAN HAVE THIS...only 1 cup. YIPPIE!!!!!

I guess I will have to OD on grits, bacon, eggs {minus the cheese and milk} and STEAK!!! All in the hope to find the reason I am having "ISSUES" in my gastro system.

Wish me LUCK!!!

photo credit: gabo

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Sarah said...

My son has food allergies so I am sympathizing with you right now.

HeatherPride said...

Good luck girl!! Hoping for good test results!