Saturday, May 9, 2009

oohhh....strawberries GALORE

Today was the BESTEST day....sunny, warm and perfect for picking strawberries! {one of the fruits I CAN EAT - has the lower amount of fructose} Me, Bailey and her friend went off on a mission.....lots and lots of berries. I wanted to create a strawberry pie, and the girls were all for strawberry/banana smoothies, chocolate dipped strawberries and a chocolate/strawberry cake. Boy was I in for a FUN afternoon!

I called my mother-in-law and got her recipe for her strawberry pie. {she has made 11 of them in 2 days} It is TOTALLY easy.

1 1/2 cup water
1 1/2 cup sugar
3 tbsp corn starch
mix ingrediants over heat until thick
mix in 1 Large box of strawberry jello~make sure everything dissolves
use either graham cracker crust or frozen crust ~ fill pie crust with cut strawberries
let sugar mixture cool a little ~ poor over strawberries and place in fridge
will make 2 pies

The girls had a BLAST mixing the cake {and especially LICKING the bowl} Once the cake had cooled, I sliced each half us 4 layers.

The girls decided that the layers would go as follows:

The girls had fun {I think more icing made it into their mouth than the cake!!!} here is the finished product: {it lasted about 10 seconds....and then we watched as the layers slowly slid in all directions.} Oh - it may NOT look pretty now....but it is DELICIOUS!!!!

Saturday fun and SMILES ~ the BEST!!!

Every time we remember to say "thank you", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.
-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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HeatherPride said...

Thanks for the strawberry pie recipe!! I've always wondered how to make one! I used to go to Shoney's just to pick up strawberry pie there. Do they even still have Shoney's??