Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remember when?

Looking at this picture brings tears to my eyes. It looks just how my mother pictured it would look. This picture is of my childhood home. However, it looks TEN TIMES BETTER!!!!
My father sold this home about 3 years ago - my parents had purchased it in 1972. I cried to see it pass on to another owner...but my father COULD not keep it up. He could not afford to put it back to its GLORIOUS state. It most deff did not look like this 3 years ago.....similar...but minus a garage and a covered front stoop. I hope to do a walk through next to follow!!!

Every time we remember to say "thank you", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.
-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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Tara said...

wow...what a beautiful home. amazing how a building w/ four walls can raise so much emotion. lots of stories... i'm working on a book for my family about our "house" growing up and what it meant to me. ♥