Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Firsts ~ so NOT ready!

I will not forget the day Bailey decided that diapers where DONE!!! She would take a stack of books and enter "her" domain and not come out for like 1/2 hour! We were so excited that we had reached this mile stone.....becoming a "Big Girl"

Or how about the day that your daddy let go of the back or your bike and you peddled off on "Your Own" ~ not needing the support of extra wheels or a daddy's hand.

When you went off to school for the first time ~ not even turning your head as you ran off to join the other children......My heart cried out because I knew this was only the beginning ~ each year would bring her closer to "Growing Up"

There have been MANY mile stones over the years ~ but you have reached one that I am SO NOT READY FOR!!!! I knew it was coming, but I am in denial. You have threatened me ~ NOT to speak about your "boobies". I even have to pay you $10 each time I may have mentioned the "word". Last Friday you made the decision ~ it was "TIME"....we had to venture into unkown territory ~ in search of that "First Bra" {there I said it!!!}

My lil angel who will be 12 this August....is wearing her "FIRST" bra today to school. Wonder if the boys will notice??? {hope not!!!} Does she feel different??? Am I ready for the next step ~ you know ~ puberty {I am definitely NOT ready for that step} I think I can deal with the zits and attitude....but explaining ~ you know ~ THAT.....thank the Lord that American Girl has a book all about "your body".

So I sit here in shock today.....knowing that my sweet lil baby is making another step toward becoming a young lady. HELP!!!!!

Every time we remember to say "thank you", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.
-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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Sarah said...

Yikes! I still have like 11 years before we get there.
How much do you have to pay her for mentioning her boobies in your blog? :)

Randomly Elly said...

*sarah...that "one" will COST me I think!!!

HeatherPride said...

Oh no! Milestones are so bittersweet, huh? I remember my first bra - it was in 5th grade, and it itched so badly that my teacher approached me sometime mid-day with a brown paper bag and whispered in my ear to go to the bathroom and take the stupid thing off before it drove me crazy! I was so grateful!