Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pac Man is running loose

I get "THE" call from my Dr. I have been having gastro issues and last week I had a breath test done {testing to see if I was lactose, fructose or luculose intolerant}

WELL....{drum roll please} Pac Man is running around my colon and NOT in a good way!!! I have a FRUCTOSE intolerance which means that fructose sugar is not being absorbed correctly and causing a build up of BAD bacteria which eats the good bacteria {atleast now I know what is causing me to look bloated and pregnant!!!!}All I can picture is a lil pac man running around my instetines gobbling all the "good" bacteria.

I sit here stunned.....ME....not being able to digest Fructose sugar! Me....who LOVES fruits and veggies GALORE!!!! The Dr. really knows how to make my Mother's Day weekend a good one! Here is the call"

Nurse: "Mrs. Murray? this is Dr. Herschlmens office. we have gotten your breath test results."

Me: "good. Ok. ~ that was quick"

Nurse: "the tests show that you do have a high amount of "bad" bacteria in your intestines. this is due to your intolerance to digesting Fructose sugar. We have prescribed a 7 day course of strong antibiotics to treat the bacteria."

Me: " what does that mean over all?"

Nurse: "You will have to begin a diet free of Fructose Sugar"

Me: "Can you give me some suggestions?" {I am in shock and was hoping they had a list of Do's and Don'ts}

Nurse: "you can google fructose intolerance and that should help you with finding a diet"

Me: {in shock still} Ok.....thank you

Nurse: "we will see the first week of June for a follow up. call if you have any questions"

I DO HAVE QUESTIONS and you told me to GOOGLE!!!!! I go to pick up my killer antibiotics and ask the pharmacist if she could help. She basically told me that sugar comes in many forms, but that I was only tested for fructose intolerance. I will need to READ all the labels of my food and stay away from Fructose Sugar {which is in pretty most ANYTHING!!!!}

So here I sit on this sunny Saturday, GOOGLING my future.....wondering how bad my body will get if I eat that ONE cookie or drink that one glass of fruit juice. I am thankful to finally have an answer {we hope} to why I look 5 months pregnant. I am hoping my clothes will fit again!!! I will trust in the Lord that He has a reason for this - even though I still think it is a cruel joke.

So - everyone out there....please have a HIGH FRUCTOSE SUGAR day for me.....while I enjoy my meat and white potatoes and finally {hopefully} get my figure back!!!

{photo credit-waynesutton12}

Every time we remember to say "thank you", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.
-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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HeatherPride said...

Oh my goodness, what a nurse that woman is! That seems absolutely ridiculous that she would steer you to the internet for answers on the medical condition their office diagnosed!! Unbelievable. Do all your doctor's patients get treated this way? I think I'd definitely say something to the doc when I went back.