Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost my Marbles

I must need a VACATION!!! or maybe a TALL glass of something!!!

Let me give you some background to the situation:
Bailey has a Dr.'s appt TODAY at 2:30 pm {ortho - for her knees} {she normally gets out of school at 3:05 pm}

Bailey has PE LAST period of the day.....begins at 2:05 pm

Keith and I are going to the Jimmy Buffett concert TONIGHT!!!!!

Anywhoo.....the day began like any normal school morning. Bailey and I joking around and getting ready. I am packing her lunch when I turn to her and tell her "I'll get you at regular time 3:05 b/c you have to pack and do homework before we leave for the concert"

Bailey turns and looks at me "MOM.....remember....I have a Dr.'s are getting me at TWO O'CLOCK!!!!"

Me: "Oh yeah....I forgot....yeah - I will be there at 2pm"

Out the door we go...trying to beat the 2 school buses that pass our street so we do not get stuck behind them. I reach in the back seat and hand Bailey her PE bag:

"MOM....HELLO.....TWO O'CLOCK!!!!! you are getting me EARLY ..... REMEMBER....NO PE??? great, my own mother will forget me!"

Me: "Right - yeah - I knew that....just testing you"

As we are turning into school I pulled in front of a friend of mine and as we rounded the school we rolled our windows down. Her daughter swims with Bailey. I asked Maria if she would be there tonight at practice and she said yeah.....I told her we could chat later at swim practice.

Bailey: "MOM....HELLLOOOO ......Jimmy you not remember that you have a concert to go to tonight!!!!???? You have had the tickets for OVER 3 months!!!!! When will you see her???"

Me: "Oh yeah...right.....No..I remember" {we are going with Bailey's swim coaches} "wait...I will see her later....we are picking up your coaches from the POOL!!!" {GREAT SAVE!!!}

As Bailey exits the car she turns and looks at me "PLEASE do not forget your DAUGHTER TODAY!!!!!!"

SOOOO...if any of you find my MARBLES...... PLEASE forward them back to ME !!! AND HOPE I DON'T FORGET Bailey!!!!


Every time we remember to say "thank you", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.
-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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