Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Knees ?!?!?!

Eleven is a TOUGH age! I have been trying to look back and remember what it was like....did I have growing pains??? I do not really remember any that I can think of . . . I just remember that at age 13 I was all done growing.

Last week I finally broke down and took Bailey to the Ortho because she was complaing of her knees hurting. Since she is a year round swimmer, she really needs her knees NOT to hurt!! But...I think we are hitting the age for growth spurts and the aches and pains that go with them.

I take her to a Sports Medicine Ortho - momma always told me too. Once we are escorted back to the room, the nurse begins to take Bailey's history. I just sit there and let her answer herself....I can only snicker when they get to the "have you used any drugs"...{I know that anything is possible - but Bailey is still so innocent} After all the questions have been answered, the nurse informs Bailey that she will have to put on a pair of shorts since she is wearing a skirt or the Dr will not see her. I am liking this Dr. more and more - but laughing my butt off to watch Bailey pull on these BLUE XL shorts onto her small frame {only size they had...ADULT XL} She had fun pulling them up to her nose like Urkle.

After examining all the images of the "BODY" on the wall and playing with all the "toys" {the hip and knee joints} in the room - in comes the Dr. who seems very nice - haven't seen him before {yes...Bailey has had shoulder problems and a broken wrist before} He proceeds to talk to Bailey and inquire to where the pain is exactly. Now - for all those TICKALISH people...you may know what my daughter is feeling. He pressed on either side of her knee and asked if it "HURT" Among the giggles...she said it did {Not sure how one can Laugh and Hurt at the same time!!!} Then he had her lay back and he proceeded to move her leg around to see how the knee joint was doing - NEVER have I EVER seen a knee rotate or move like that....FREAKY!!!! made my skin crawl...but he said it was all normal. He then requested x-rays - so off she goes with a nurse....seems there was a clicking in her knee.

X-rays done, in comes the Dr....with the conclusion. Tired Knees!!! Yup...my daughter has OVER Worked knees. I just paid gosh knows how much to find out that my daughter is perfectly healthy....just has tired knees!!! So now what do we do??? This is the part that broke my heart. Very calmly the Dr. looked at Bailey and told her that she would have to CUT her weekly activity by 60% {yes...SIXTY} Bailey's jaw dropped at first in shock...then you could just see her heart sink. You have to understand that Bailey is a SWIMAHOLIC!!! Swimming is her life and is determined to make the 2012 Olympics. So for this Dr. to tell her that she could NOT swim but about 4 hours a week....{out of the normal 10-12 hours she normally swims} was NOT COOL in her book. After the Dr. left the room to get her a note for school and her coach, Bailey broke down in sobs....it broke my heart to see her HURT!!! Big ole Meanie Dr.!!!

So with note in hand, she is officially out of PE for 4 weeks, using an elevator pass at school {try explaining Hurt Knees to those kids} but SWIMMING everyday!!! she has a meet this weekend. I guess somehow we will rest her knees and get her better - without giving up swimming for now {she does more pulling in swimming to alleviate the pressure on her knees}

I just hope all this HARD work pays off and she realizes her DREAM!!!

Every time we remember to say "thank you", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.
-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

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mommaruth said...

I love the picture with this post, but I fell in love more with the actual post - I dread these moments of watching my daughter's dreams get stepped on by other people! Love her heart + I hope she feels better soon!!!

Randomly Elly said...

Thank you so much!!! so many people think it is Keith and I pushing her so hard in swimming...SHE is the one putting so much pressure on herself...very STRONG willed!!!