Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!!!

The Simplicity Of It All..

It is when something is stripped
down to its very essence..
each facade removed
in order to display a message..

It is when a person is
stripped bare of ornaments
embracing individuality
and quickly conform to it..

It is when everything
falls directly into place
creating a perfect scene
in a stretch of empty space..

It is when there is nothing
to disrupt the eye and the mind
but what is real and honest
visible even to the blind..

It is when lies are broken
down to unmask the truth
brushing away the synthetic
uncovering the sincerity of youth..

It is when nothing else
exists in one moment of time
except for the knowledge
that you are truly mine..

Simply put, simplicity is simply beautiful.

Marcus Lomboy

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