Thursday, April 16, 2009

MUST Read: Souvenir: by Therese Fowler

Last night while my hubby watched a movie, I sat curled up and finished reading my book Souvenir by Therese Fowler. I was in TEARS!!!!!! Therese is a LOCAL author ... living right here in good ole Raleigh, NC.!!!!!

This is from the back cover:

Meg Powell and Carson McKay grew were raised side by side on their families’ farms, bonded by a love that only deepened. Everyone in their small rural community in northern Florida thought that Meg and Carson would always be together. But at twenty-one, Meg was presented with a marriage proposal she could not refuse, forever changing the course of her life.
Seventeen years later, Meg’s marriage has become routine, and she spends her time juggling the demands of her medical practice, the needs of her widowed father, and the whims of her rebellious teenage daughter, Savannah, who is confronting her burgeoning sexuality in a dangerous manner, and pushing her mother away just when she needs her most. Then, after a long absence, Carson returns home to prepare for his wedding to a younger woman. As Carson struggles to determine where his heart and future lie, Meg makes a shocking discovery that will upset the balance of everyone around her.

The story begins in the prologue with Meg on the eve of her wedding. You feel the love between Carson and Meg, and the decision that Meg made almost had me hurling the book against the wall....but I am so glad I did not!

This novel is about a young woman choosing a life that she thought was right for her family who had come to rely on her for a lot. Meg did not want to let them down, even if it meant letting her own heart down. This novel is about a woman's journey to finding herself again and the inner peace that she gave up for her family. A journey to reclaim the relationship with her daughter and make amends.

Meg's life is filled with many things that I myself have had to cope with or will have to. There are issues about regret, coping with illness and death, teenage sexuality, shades of abusive relationships....issues that are so real. I was so drawn into this book that I could not help but cry. I lost my mother last October to cancer and I am so thankful that she began journaling about her life. It helped me see a side of her that I did not know as a daughter. Friends have even sent me letters they received from her....all windows into the woman that my mother had become. I am definitly running out to get a jounral....I have so much to say to my daughter!!!

This was Therese Fowler's first novel and the first one of her books for me. It will draw you in and make you part of the story! Read this book. It's well-written with a lot of emotional depth. The characters are likeable for all that they're a little messed up (who isn't?). And most importantly, it's the kind of book that doesn't leave you after you've turned the last page.

Check out her blog Therese Fowler or you can find her Here on Facebook.

Reunion is now out in Hardcover - running out to get it TODAY!!!!

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Kathy B! said...

Therese Fowler is my neighbor! She is an awesome person. I'm so glad you liked her book(s) :)