Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ack...Ye gosh....

Ok.....I am on a mission to reduce the amount of stress in my life b/c my body is reacting and not in a good way. So I do what I normally do in a situation like this and need answers...I GOOGLE!!!! soooo....this is what I have found:

Guided Imagery - OK...since I really have a HARD time controlling my mind as it is {one reason I am stressing} how am I supposed to GUIDE it!!!!

Self-Hypnosis - Zzzzzz

Autogenics - And what is THIS????

Journaling - Does this Blog count????

Meditation - I try and meditate everyday {oh - not on the toilet- my bad}

PMR - I have PMS...is that close ???????

Yoga - I can get into this!!! I know the greatest teacher!!!

Breathing - HELLO - don't I need to do this anyway ??? nothing new here

Playing Games - and this relieves stress how when you are competitive????

Sex - yup - I am female.....

Laughter - Trust me I am giggling...still trying to figure out PMR...

Biofeedback - from whom ???

Music Therapy - Finally something I do EVERYDAY!!!!! I listen non stop!!!

Take a Walk - does walking to and from the car count???

Plant a Garden - I would....but I have to get rid of the weeds first

Time Management - HELLO - that is part of my problem...managing the LACK of time that I have in my life!!!

Listen To Music - didn't we already address this ???

Eat a Balanced Diet - WHAT - cookie dough and pop sicles are not a balanced diet???

Learn Assertive Communication Skills - I am assertive in my communicating...MY WAY or the HIGHWAY!!!!

Enjoy Aromatherapy - I dont think my hubby's poots is exactly what we are shooting for here...

Reduce Caffeine Intake - HELL NO!!!! gotta have my coke zero or the stress of a HEADACHE will be out of this WORLD

Drink in Moderation - FINALLY something I am good at.....I dont drink :)

Don’t Procrastinate - PROCRASTINATE.....hello - I am stressed b/c I do not have time to put anything OFF!!!!

Drink Green Tea - not into the whole tea thing....

As much fun that list was....there were a few ideas I could actually work with. I also found some items to add to it:

1-massage therapy - NOW WE ARE TALKING!!!!

2-have fun! It's not a dirty word! Play! Do something you used to do as a child or long ago before you had all of the commitments, such as play with an electric train or eat cotton candy at the fair.

3-do something you like, such as shopping or go to a movie or dancing

4-treat yourself, a new outfit, a haircut, all day spa, buy a new outfit or if you're a guy some new power tools! - SHOPPING

5-talk to someone, talking relieves stress, esp. for women, knowing someone else understands and hears you without judging or necessarily offering advice.

6-sleep more. Lack of sleep leads to stress, this is a viscious cycle. more sleep can leave you stress free.

7-take a multivitamin

8-stretching. very important, it releases stress out of your body

9-time for yourself. you're giving and giving. take time for yourself.

10-faith. get closer to God, faith is a big stress reliever, cast your cares.

11-look at things in a more positive light

12-cut down on bad news on tv and other media - HELLO!!! tell them to produce HAPPIER NEWS!!!!

13-don't let your imagination run away with you, don't dwell on negative things that could happen, such as distasters or tragedies, don't imagine the worst. - Harder than ya think!!!

14-smile more

15-lighten up(your colors that is) Whites and yellows and light blues are proven to be happy colors, as opposed to reds and blacks and brown and gray and dark blues.

16-don't let people get to you, they may have a problem and they're taking it out on you. It's not you.

17-read. get caught in a love story or in a "who done it" story, escape for a little while.

18-get away take a trip, a vacation

19-find your passion in life, a hobby painting, gardening, writing, cooking, etc

20-nature can be very relaxing

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